Child’s First Dental Visit

Child’s First Dental Visit

At Gentle Dental we recommend that your baby should visit the dentist

a. When the first tooth is through or b. when bub is 12 months old

Our Gentle Dentists focus on preventive dentistry so this visit is designed more as a discussion with you and any questions you may have, with the bonus of meeting your gorgeous bub! Your dentist will also give you a handout full of information about children’s dental care.

Although 12 months old may be a bit too young to build a solid memory for your child, research has shown that repeated exposure to particular environments decrease stress by encouraging familiarity. We’ve noticed this in our young patients aged as young as 4 or even 3, that we’re able to do treatment on them because they are already used to the dentist.

It also helps that we have a TV on the ceiling for them to watch and they get a toy or sticker to take home after the visit!

All our dentists love kids!

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