Sedation for Nervous Patients

Sedation for Nervous Patients

Sedation dentistry is an option for patients who prefer not to “be present” for their dental treatment. Wouldn’t that be nice!

During sedation you are still conscious but very relaxed and do not remember the procedure. Local anaesthetic is still used so that the region around the tooth is numb and it also helps reduce post operative pain.

We have a qualified IV sedationist who brings in his sedation and monitoring equipment. Dental treatment is performed as normal in our regular rooms and staff. This is more convenient than being referred out to a specialist for a general anaesthetic in a hospital.

The first step is booking an initial consult with our dentist Dr Emmanuel Ting. He will need to do an examination including Xrays in order to determine a treatment plan of work what needs to be done. You can then discuss the dental options, to decide whether IV sedation is right for you.

If you decide that you’d like to proceed with sedation dentistry then our lovely manager Amanda will explain the paperwork required to continue with the next step. She will put you in contact for a consult with the sedation specialist. This is usually done over the phone or if you have a complex medical history then it will need to be done in person. Gentle Dental is unable to provide quotes for sedation as each case differs and are separate charges to our dental fees. We are not linked with the sedationist financially, it is just a service that we offer.

Once all the paperwork is finalised, all you’ll need to do is place a deposit and an appointment can be booked for your treatment under sedation! We allow plenty of time for set up, treatment and recovery time. Then one week later you’ll have a complimentary review to make sure everything has healed and any fillings are adjusted.

IV Sedation is a great option for all dental treatment! People have their fillings and extractions done and also cleans if there is concurrent work being done at the same time. We try to plan your treatment as practically as possible.

A step down from IV sedation is nitrous oxide sedation aka happy gas. Nitrous is an option if you are quite nervous but need something to help you relax. During the procedure the nitrous oxide gives you a feeling of wellbeing and reduces anxiety. You are also able to drive afterwards. This is a great option for 6 monthly checks and cleans and fillings.

If any of these options would help you maintain your dental health, please call us on 9405 1305 to speak to Amanda or email us on

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