Child’s First Dental Visit

At Gentle Dental we recommend that your baby should visit the dentist a. When the first tooth is through or b. when bub is 12 months old Our Gentle Dentists focus on preventive dentistry so this visit is designed more as a discussion with you and any questions you may have, with the bonus of […]

Dental Tourism

Australian residents are increasingly travelling to overseas countries to have dental treatment done. This is called dental tourism. Dr Sherry’s Mum is from the Philippines so she does understand the justification for those who seek cheap dental work IF you do your research. Mrs Wong does not have to pay for her dental care in […]

Oral Health for Cancer Patients

In 2017 it is estimated that 134 000 people in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer. That’s about 15 people every hour. It is a tough time for cancer patients and their friends and families but our Gentle Dentists are here to help you through that by making looking after your oral health as easy […]

Pregnancy and Dental Care

What dental problems are common for pregnant mothers? Each woman and each pregnancy is different. Some women experience no symptoms at all (aren’t they lucky?) and some have difficulty throughout their whole pregnancy. Morning sickness and nausea can make it difficult to brush or floss teeth. Hormonal changes affect gums and can cause bleeding gums […]

Fluoride and your teeth

How does fluoride prevent tooth decay? Fluoride (F-) helps by inhibiting demineralisation and promoting remineralisation of the enamel, inhibits acid production and ability for bacteria to process the dietary sugars F- systemically is transported in saliva and crevicular (gum) fluid Is there a recommended amount of fluoride? Recommended F- supplementation is 1mg per day over […]

Teeth Bleaching

  What is tooth whitening and how does it work? Tooth whitening systems employ hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which penetrates teeth and targets molecules within teeth that cause darkening and stains. The bleaching agent then breaks down these staining molecules, which causes your teeth to become whiter. What types of bleaching systems are available? […]

Sedation for Nervous Patients

Sedation dentistry is an option for patients who prefer not to “be present” for their dental treatment. Wouldn’t that be nice! During sedation you are still conscious but very relaxed and do not remember the procedure. Local anaesthetic is still used so that the region around the tooth is numb and it also helps reduce post […]

Custom Mouthguards

Are custom mouthguards worth the expense? YES!!!! What about the cheaper, boil and bite ones available from the pharmacy? The boil and bite mouthguards available will not adequately protect you or your child’s teeth because they do not fit the teeth snugly. The consequence of this is that any impact will not be properly absorbed […]

Do you have “bad teeth’?

Do you feel like you have “bad teeth’? That no matter what you do, every time you go to the dentist you always seem to need work done? And that there is someone you know that no matter what they eat, how little they brush, they have never had a filling? There IS such a […]

Smoking and your teeth

Smoking. We all know it’s bad for your overall health and your lungs, but what about your teeth? Did you know that smoking can cause a host of issues in your mouth that aren’t just limited to staining or bad breath? Some of the effects of smoking include: Periodontal (gum) disease Oral cancers Delayed healing […]

Diabetes and your mouth

Diabetes is a disease that prevents your body from using or producing the hormone insulin. Insulin plays an important role in transporting sugars around for the body to use. With diabetes, this transport system is interrupted either by the body’s inability to produce enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or the body’s inability to utilise insulin […]

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene plays an important role in healthy gums and teeth. With proper brushing and flossing technique, we can drastically reduce the amount of bacteria to prevent tooth decay, minimise tartar deposits and have a happy and healthy smile. But it doesn’t just stop at your smile! Studies have shown a link between oral hygiene, […]