Welcome to Gentle Dental Centre!

Gentle Dental Centre (formerly Lakewood Dental Centre) is a caring dental practice in Wanneroo where we believe in delivering personalised service.

We are a dental practice that focusses on you, our patient.

Our name encompasses how we practice dentistry, with gentle softness both clinically and personally. Gentle Dental Centre is a small practice owned by Dr Sherry Wong, who is disappointed in the way dentistry is becoming more production focussed due to large corporate buyouts. Dr Sherry is a highly empathetic person and wants to provide dental services which she, as a patient, would expect. Her mother Salli (also in the health profession as a nurse in aged care) taught her to always “treat others how you would like to be treated” and this philosophy is at the heart of Gentle Dental’s core values. This is why we take the time to get to know you, your family, and your specific needs.


The top ten reasons why Gentle Dental are the best Dentists in Perth

No judgement – Haven’t been to the dentist in a while? Don’t be embarrassed! It doesn’t matter how long it has been since your last dental visit or how much work you think you need. We know that it takes alot to come in to see us so we just want to see you when you’re ready! Our current record in 2016 stands at not being to a dentist since 1976!

Our dentists see lots of teeth everyday and understands that everyone has a different story.  Book in for a no judgement consultation.

If you hate dentists – extremely nervous patients are very welcome! Please let us know and extra time will be allocated to relax you and reassure you during treatment. If you need a little extra “help” then we have the option of  happy gas or IV sedation.

Consistently punctual –  we know your time is precious so your appointment time is adhered to as best as possible! No waiting for hours and hours and in the rare event that we are late, every effort will be taken to contact you and communicate this, giving an accurate time estimate.

Extraction experts – Dr Sherry is very good at extracting even the trickiest of teeth.  Small hands mean that we have developed an extra special technique for coercing the tooth out, many patients comment that they don’t even feel it. This also means that if you need difficult or wisdom teeth surgery, Dr Sherry  can do it in at the practice and only needs to refer you if you require general anaesthetic with an oral surgeon.

If you require multiple teeth removal and dentures then we are very experienced at this as well. Book a consult to discuss the process of getting a brand new smile!

We love children and babies! – Our dentists love seeing children for their first and following dental visits! Dr Yasmita is exceptionally sweet and patient with children. Our fulltime nurse Jasmine is also great with kids from her time spent with the child dental vans and therapy centres. Dr Sherry, Amanda, Julie, Charlie, Caitlin are all mothers so have practical real life tricks and also let us know if you need to bring your baby along, we understand.

Exceptional follow up care – if you have any problems following a procedure then we will review you without charge and try get you in on the day. We feel that this is part of our service as health care providers, just to make sure that you are okay. This includes problems following extractions, fillings (within 6 months), crowns and denture adjustments.

Extended consultations and examinations – This means more time to discuss treatment and ask any questions. It also gives us time to perform treatment on the day if necessary.

Talk to us about your specific needs and we will listen and address them! Communication is very important to us and once you’re a patient you’re more than welcome to call our practice to ask additional questions or discuss concerns.

Quality materials and equipment – Dr Sherry knows her dentists need to best equipment to do perfect work efficiently. We also have a TV with a streaming service so that you can watch what you like when having work done!

Free and easy parking

EFTPOS/HICAPS machine – We are HBF , HCF and CBHS preferred providers, but have the HICAPS system so members of all health funds can claim off their treatment on the day. Our terminal also supports the new Child Dental Benefit Scheme so if you bring your Medicare Card, bulk billing can be claimed on the spot.


Our areas of dental expertise


Emergency appointments

For toothache, broken teeth, sensitive teeth, sore gums


(including Xrays), scale and cleans


“tooth coloured” materials only – GIC or composite


including wisdom teeth


these are fillings made of gold or porcelain, a mould taken and sent to our Midland or Wanneroo technician


Crowns, Veneers

Made of gold, porcelain fused to metal, or all ceramic. A mould is taken and sent to Midland or Wanneroo technician


Children’s dentistry

children of all ages are welcome! Good children get to choose a toy to take home!


Root canal treatment

this is a painless procedure at Gentle Dental. Plenty of anaesthetic is given to make sure you are completely numb and comfortable for this treatment.



Our dentists work very closely with the local Northern Suburbs denture prosthesists and labs for dentures. An assessment of your teeth is required first so that we can formulate a clear treatment plan for you.


Cosmetic work

Our dentists are very particular about their cosmetic dentistry artwork. We use highly trained Perth technicians who use genuine German and American engineered porcelain.