Our Philosophy


Our five core values reflect our philosophy of how we look after your dental health.

1. Caring
Every patient is treated like a family friend. Our caring dentists focus on your dental health and overall health and are genuinely interested in your personal interests and life story. We love that our profession allows us to meet people from all walks of life and are honoured to be part of yours. Our staff members are true people persons and will make sure to look after your needs with softness, empathy and humour.

2. Communication
Gentle Dental staff will keep the channel for discussion open at all times. Amanda is our smiling face and voice on the phone and she will be able to allay your reservations and answer many of your inquiries. Our gentle dentists Dr Sherry, Dr Yasmita, Dr Gen and Dr Sally are all fantastic listeners, which helps us obtain all facts pertaining to your dental issues and often makes diagnosis easier. We also make sure that procedures and treatment plans are explained clearly to you. All questions are welcome in our practice.

3. Perfection
Gentle Dental Centre aims for perfection in every aspect of your experience with us. Dr Sherry aims for clinical perfection during each procedure and regularly attends continuing education courses to keep up to date with new dental technology. The Gentle Dental auxillary staff believe in providing our patients with the best of everything.

4. Ethics
Gentle Dental Centre abides by a strict moral code which esteems people as individuals, not as a consumer. We will always recommend what is best for you and inform you of all options. We carefully take into consideration your overall wellbeing, personal and financial situation when discussing treatment. Our high ethical standards facilitate our need to provide exceptional post treatment customer service.

5. Community
Gentle Dental Centre is a community minded small business. We regularly visit local childcare centres for oral health education days and volunteer dental services for the local and international community. All our denture and crown technicians are located in Perth, so we know exactly who is creating your dental artwork! Where possible, we use Australian made and owned consumables.