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BDS (UAdel) - Associate Dentist
Emmanuel sees patients on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays

Extremely nervous patients can book in with Dr Emmanuel for a consult for dental treatment under IV sedation. This includes examination, Xrays and a treatment plan explanation and what is involved in booking further appointments.

Dr Emmanuel Ting is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery graduate from the University of Adelaide and returned home to Perth after completing his studies in 2014. He has experience in the public dental service of Tasmania and also private practice in Perth. This base of experience means Emmanuel already has a wide range of dental experience but his favourite procedures are root canal treatments and also difficult extractions. This means he is your guy for emergency toothache solutions!

Emmanuel has a very compassionate, gentle and sympathetic nature. He is highly professional has a sunny disposition which puts you at ease in the dental chair. Emmanuel values good communication with his patients so unlike most men, is a very good listener!

These aforementioned attributes are why Emmanuel was chosen to be our associate dentist. Dr Sherry Wong and Amanda make sure that only those who fit in with our core values and practice philosophy are integrated into our team. Dr Sherry wanted all patients to be looked after in exactly the same way that she treats them; with no judgement, gentle kindness and compassion.

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BDSc (Hons) (UWA) - Associate Dentist
Jane sees patients on Tuesday

Dr Jane was born and raised in Perth, graduating from the UWA in 2013. Her commitment to academic excellence, and high standard of patient care, saw her earn the prestigious title of Honours. After graduation she felt that her thirst for dental knowledge was not quenched so she then completed a year of postgraduate training at the Oral Health Centre of WA. Since then, Jane has  worked in private practice, joining the team at Gentle Dental Centre in 2018.

A former winemaker, Jane’s interest in dentistry stemmed from acid erosion and tooth damage associated with wine tasting. She enjoys practising all aspects of general dentistry, with a particular interest in minimal intervention dentistry, and treating anxious patients. Jane is very easy going and her calm demeanour will put you at ease straight away. She will take the time to discuss all your concerns without judgement.

As Mum to an energetic two-year-old, she appreciates how important it is for kids to have a great experience at the dentist in order to establish good oral health for life. This gives her great experience to see children for their first and subsequent dental visits and if you need to chat to someone parent to parent.

Jane is a firm believer in lifelong education, attending numerous study clubs and courses to further her knowledge.


BDSc (UWA) - Principal Dentist
Sherry is currently on maternity leave!

Our amazing principal dentist Dr Sherry Wong graduated from UWA in 2008. She is a country girl from Australind (20 mins north of Bunbury) so as soon as she graduated, moved up north to Karratha to gain a wide range of experience as a country dentist. This meant that Sherry finely attuned her skills very quickly, with the ability to diagnose and treat a very broad range of dental situations. She is an expert in all fields of dentistry but if there is one speciality she is good at it’s at extracting even the most trickiest of teeth – and you won’t even feel a thing!

Sherry also loves seeing kids for a positive dental experience because she knows that great oral health starts when you’re young.

Sherry promises to be as patient, kind and gentle as possible with your treatment, whilst completing her work at an exceptionally high standard. She is very qualified in dealing with nervous patients – we try to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Sherry believes that honesty and great communication is key to a good dentist-patient relationship. All aspects of treatment are explained thoroughly and without judgement. During a check or consult, all questions are welcome!

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BDSc (UWA) - Locum Dentist
Hang sees patients on Wednesday

Dr Hang Pham is our locum dentists for 6 months whilst Dr Sherry is on maternity leave.

We are so lucky to have her join us, even if it’s for only a short while. Hang is a Perth local who graduated from UWA 20 years ago (although she looks way too young for that). She is super friendly, loves a gossip and a chat with her patients and is always fuss free. Hang has an ability to make you comfortable in the chair by being as cool as a cucumber and taking the time to understand you as a person before a patient. Her special interest is in improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry which her extensive experience has allowed her to fine tune her skills super efficiently!

Hang is Mum to 3 gorgeous and active boys so is a great person to book your kids in with or even if you need someone to relate to as a parent, she knows exactly where you are coming from!


Practice Manager

Amanda has 13 years in the dental industry. She is the lovely voice and smiling face of our practice, being the first person that you will speak to when booking an appointment with us. Amanda excels in her role because she loves people so you will feel instantly at ease when telling her your concerns.


Head Dental Nurse/Receptionist

Jasmine has been a dental nurse for 14 years since she graduated from high school. She grew up in Karratha and moved to Perth in 2008. Jas has extensive experience in both private practice and government school dental. Her passion is working with children and she has a wonderful talent of providing children with a great first dental experience.


Dr Sherry is very particular about who she hires in her team. She looks for people who fulfil a broad range of criteria. 1. Kind and caring 2. Life experienced so they can understand and relate to many people without judgement 3. Great sense of humour!

We believe that hiring staff with the above 3 aspects maintain a superstar team who are naturally able to pass on their warmth and happy disposition onto the patient’s dental experience.

Introducing the other ladies you’ll have the pleasure of meeting during your treatments with us.


Dental Nurse

Charlie has over 20 years in the dental industry, alot of them in our building when she worked with the previous owner Julia! Charlie will hold your hand, has a laugh which will make you forget your dental anxieties and always enjoy a bit of banter to help put you at ease.


Dental Nurse

Julie is our rock, calm, steady and will soothe you with her warm demeanour. She has over 20 years experience in the dental field.


Dental Nurse

Caitlin is highly educated in the dental field, having worked and studied in dentistry since 2007. She is kind and caring and anticipates your needs with an almost psychic ability.